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 Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading fashion industry experts. Creating bespoke clothing that speaks about our clients signature style.  

Our process

Our Process

Our Process starts with the client selecting the fabric and style he/she desires and then moves on to a key step in our process where we take the client’s measurements. We then cut and join the garment and move on to the 1st fitting where the client tries on the shell of the suit for the first time. Critical to the process are the adjustments made at this point in order to perfect the fit for the client’s body. We then take the suit back to our offices in order to complete the bespoke suit and present to the client. 

The choice is simple. Ask yourself if you’re worth a hand crafted, custom fit, bespoke suit using a system designed to help clients participate in the process of making their own suits by choosing the fabric and the style – all at the hands of master tailor at Emperor's Apparel.




Looking for the perfect bespoke suit or bespoke tuxedo for your wedding? Look no further. Michael Andrews is the premier destination for bespoke wedding suits and tuxedos. Receive the experience, professionalism, and perfect fit you deserve for your wedding day.  Your personal stylist will pour you a drink while you discuss your vision for the big day. Having styled hundreds of weddings, Emperor's Apparel  has the experience and expertise to make you look your best on one of the most important days of your life.  Don’t settle for anything less than true bespoke.


A suit that fits just right, that has your individual style with finished details will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. Imagine picking up your suit and knowing it is going to fit uniquely to your body’s build and physique. Our bespoke suits are made to your specific measurements and requirements, providing for the perfect fit you won’t find anywhere else.

Show your individuality by selecting the fabric, style and other personal details. Our suit collection is made using the most elegant fabric mills in the world. Each suit it made using a full canvas construction and a changing degree of either natural or extended shoulders which allow bespoke suits to fit perfectly.

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Emperor's Apparel brings over to you there experience in bespoke tailoring to the world of women’s custom clothing. Our range of custom womenswear includes suits, blouses, pants, blazers, tuxedos, skirts and more. If you are looking for striking business attire with an unparalleled fit, Michael Andrews has you covered.

Creating custom women’s clothing is a true art, requiring another level of specialization and attention to detail. Women’s bodies and measurements are even more unique than men’s, which means finding that perfect fit takes much more care and finesse. Where off-the-rack clothing is constructed as a set of generic patterns and sizes, our women’s bespoke garments are crafted to each client’s specific measurements, allowing for more precise sizing that’s unique, stylish and flattering. Both in and out of the office, looking and feeling your best boosts confidence, and nothing fits better than bespoke. You have enough challenges throughout the workday, and your wardrobe shouldn’t have to be one of them. Schedule an appointment with Emperor's Apparel to begin building your custom wardrobe with our new collection of women’s bespoke.


Custom pants offer the perfect balance between fit and comfort. While all pants are put on one leg at a time, they’re certainly not all made the same. Experience for yourself the difference custom clothing will make on the way you look. Choose from thousands of fabrics from the world’s finest. Emperor's Apparel always makes sure you not only take the best but also wear your perfect signature attire.



Our dress shirts and sport shirts are made using the finest Different fabrics and English cottons in the tradition of Turnbull and Asser, Charvet and Borrelli.  We use a multitude of styles and patterns including fine 2-ply broadcloths, light weight Italian twills and fine brocade dress cottons.  Each shirt is constructed using single needle tailoring, Mother of Pearl or Trocas Pearl buttons and Swiss fusible interlinings to offer a clean pressed appearance.  We offer over two dozen collar and cuff styles, a split back yoke a seven or eight-button front placket and a comfortable armhole.




Selecting from thousands of fabrics, patterns and styling options, our stylists will guide you through the process, helping create a design as unique as you are. Your one-on-one appointment will help nurture a personal relationship between you and your stylist, resulting in the creation of an outfit that intuitively reflects your style and practical requirements.

Every women’s bespoke garment we create follows the four C’s of bespoke:

  • Cloth – woven from the finest yarns and sourced from the finest mills.

  • Craft – bench-made from a single master tailor, meeting the most exacting standards.

  • Cut – constructed to your precise measurements.

  • Client – reflecting you. Your style. Your measurements. Your pattern.

Emperor's Apparel focuses on not only making it fit on you but also look elegance and classy when wore at any event.

A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman,

it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.

Emperor's Apparel is experienced in custom tailor making wedding dresses that not only will pin are signature  look for the bride but also create a memorable look experience due to a variety of high quality fabrics chosen when custom tailoring it by our experts at Emperor's Apparel.

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The necktie is the one unique, outstanding, descriptive accompaniment to a man’s outfit. It represents emotion and embodies the spirit of each individual’s personality and present mood. Our neck-wear collection is inspired by tradition. It is comprised of the finest quality construction, impeccable styling, fabrication and detail using the latest designs, materials, colours and textures. Our ties are handmade using the finest fabrics and interlinings.  We also offer an extensive collection of bow ties, fancy patterned socks, pocket squares, cuff links and magnetic collar stays.


African woman are embracing their heritage through fashion. At EMPEROR'S APPAREL we understand how important it is to express ones cultural identity through fashion we work with a variety of fabrics, from the Maasai Shuka fabric, to Dashiki, to Ghanaian  Kente cloth and South African shweshwe.



Style is a choice, make yours

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